Filming Permit & Customs Clearance

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Filming Permit & Customs Clearance

Navigating the bureaucratic process can be complex, but with Shanta Nepali Productions, you're in capable hands. We handle all aspects of obtaining filming permits and customs clearance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your production.

a) Nepal Filming Permit (mandatory):

We understand the importance of complying with local regulations. Shanta Nepali Productions assists in obtaining the mandatory Nepal filming permit, allowing you to capture the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of Nepal.

b) National Parks Filming Permit:

Capture the stunning beauty of Nepal's national parks with ease. Our team facilitates the process of obtaining the necessary permits to film in these protected areas, respecting conservation guidelines and preserving the natural wonders.

c) Heritage Areas Filming Permit:

Nepal is rich in cultural heritage, and showcasing it requires proper permissions. Shanta Nepali Productions helps you secure filming permits for UNESCO World Heritage sites and other significant locations, ensuring you portray Nepal's architectural marvels with respect and care.

d) Public Area Filming Permit:

Filming in public areas demands coordination and paperwork. We handle the necessary permits, making it seamless to capture the essence of bustling streets, markets, and public spaces while respecting local regulations.

e) Private Property Filming Permit:

If your project requires filming on private properties, Shanta Nepali Productions assists in obtaining the necessary permits. We liaise with property owners, ensuring a smooth collaboration and allowing your vision to unfold in unique settings.