Cinematographer - Shanta Nepali (SN Productions)


Ningwasum follows two-time travellers Miksam and Mingsoma, played by Subin Limbu and Shanta Nepali, respectively, in the Himalayas, weaving indigenous folk stories, culture, climate change and science fiction. The film explores the notion of time, space and memory and how realities and the sense of now could be different for different communities.

Drawing from Adivasi Futurism and inspired by Afrofuturism and Indigenous Futurism, Ningwasum imagines a future from an Indigenous perspective where they have agency, technology, sovereignty and also their indigenous knowledge, culture, ethics and storytelling still intact.

featuring Subin Limbu as Miksam Shanta Nepali as Mingsoma

Manu Nembang (Miksam's voice)

Tirshana Nembang (Mingsoma's voice)

Director of Photography- Shanta Nepali

Sound and Music - Aisha Devi, Amazumi, Bishwo Shahi and Subash Thebe Limbu

Script Translation- Amar Tumyahang

Spacesuit design- Arati Subba

Spacesuit design production artist- Sanu Babu Nepali

Camera/Drones- Manish Maharjan

Still photographer- Manish Tamang